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Boise Idaho Temple
Rededicated 18 November, 2012

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Boise Idaho Temple Details

Latter-day Saints in Boise look forward to the re-opening of the temple.  However, many local residents know little or nothing about the purpose of a temple or how it might affect the community.

This website was created to answer these questions, to provide a means for feedback, to help you get to know your Mormon friends and neighbors and to explain why the re-opening of the temple would create so much excitement amid Church members.

Follow this link for details about the temple. Look for other links on this page to see how the temple is likely to affect the neighborhood, to learn about the purpose of temples, to view news and updates, and to get to know some of your Mormon neighbors.

Neighborhood Questions

Mormon temples are known for their inspiring architecture, quality construction, meticulously maintained grounds and the peace and serenity they evoke.

The renovated Boise Idaho Temple is no exception. People of all faiths who live near temples find them to be wonderful additions to the area and often take personal pride in having a temple nearby.

Read more to find answers to frequently asked questions about the renovation of the Boise Idaho Temple.