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The following interior photos are from the Atlanta Georgia Temple. Similar rooms can be found in temples throughout the world.

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Recommend Desk/Entry After the temple is formally dedicated, only members of the Church who are living high moral standards and Christian principles are admitted. Before entering the temple, members present a small recommend card, signed by their ecclesiastical leaders, at the recommend desk.

Baptismal Font In the temple baptismal font, vicarious baptisms are performed for deceased forbears. The font rests upon twelve oxen, representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

Instruction RoomIn this room, instruction is given about the purposes of mortal life and the blessings that await the faithful in the next life.  Lecture and video presentation are used to teach about the creation of the earth, the beginning of mortal life through Adam and Eve, and the central role of Jesus Christ as the Redeemer of all God’s children.

Celestial RoomThe celestial room symbolizes the exalted and reverent state that all may achieve through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. This room represents the contentment, inner harmony, and peace available to families in the presence of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Sealing RoomThe family is ordained of God, and in the sealing room of the temple, husband and wife, children and parents are united or “sealed” as an eternal family. Through priesthood authority, marriages are performed in the sealing room that can last not only for this life but for eternity. Marriage between a man and a woman is essential to Heavenly Father’s eternal plan.

Waiting AreaThis is a general waiting area. The high quality of craftsmanship is evident throughout the temple.

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